MAPflow releases update for virtual minor ailment assessments

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MAPflow releases update for virtual minor ailment assessments

Nardine Nakhla

January 18, 2024

Embracing a commitment to excellence, MAPflow swiftly responded to the dynamic regulatory landscape outlined in the Ministry of Health's (MOH) latest Executive Officer (E0) notice (viewable here: In our unwavering dedication to our valued pharmacist clients, we have meticulously updated our software to seamlessly incorporate the specified location information for virtual services, as directed in the MOH's revised EO notice (page 2).

This proactive approach not only ensures compliance with Ontario-specific guidelines for service eligibility and billing, but also enhances your overall experience, reaffirming MAPflow as your trusted partner in delivering unparalleled minor ailment services in alignment with the latest rules and regulations governing Ontario's healthcare landscape. Your success is our priority, and we remain steadfast in providing you with the most advanced and compliant software solutions for an optimized practice.

The ministry expanded the minor ailment services program to allow pharmacists working for a rural pharmacy (a pharmacy with a rural ODB dispensing fee located in a postal code with the second figure of 0 or with a score on the MOH-LTC’s Rurality Index for Ontario of more than 40) the ability to conduct virtual minor ailment assessments outside of the location of the pharmacy (i.e., remotely) when staffing is limited on-site. The pharmacist must be a licensed Part A pharmacist eligible to provide minor ailment services in Ontario, be able to access the rural pharmacy’s computer software system from the remote location in a secure manner and be able to submit minor ailment service claims to the HNS from the remote location (see section on Eligible Pharmacies in the EO notice found here).

Documentation of the service must include the location from which the virtual service is provided. As such, MAPflow will now prompt users to record the type of service and location before beginning a minor ailment assessment. In addition, the EO notice specified that virtual care services should adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Virtual Care Policy set out by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. MAPflow is configured to surpass these requirements. Lastly, the EO notice provides additional instruction on how to submit claims for virtual minor ailment service claims conducted from the location of the pharmacy vs rural pharmacies. This detail will now automatically print on MAPflow documents (i.e., the prescription, select reports) when indicated.

For additional details on the updates to the Ontario Minor Ailment program and the OCP’s Virtual Care Policy, please refer to the following resources:

Thank you for choosing MAPflow.

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Nardine Nakhla

Nardine Nakhla

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, PharmD, RPh


Dr. Nakhla is an academic and community pharmacist specialized in minor ailments, non-prescription therapeutics, and patient self-care with over fifteen years of commitment to teaching, research, advocacy, and practice innovation on these topics. She has spoken at provincial, national, and international meetings on these subjects, and has authored several chapters in leading pharmacy education textbooks. As a faculty member at the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy, Dr. Nakhla was recognized with the Excellence in Pharmacy Teaching Award in 2019, received the Excellence in Science Teaching Award in 2020, and the Distinguished Teaching Award in 2023. Dr. Nakhla possesses a strong background in pharmacist and student pharmacist education innovation, pharmacy-based public health projects, and advocating for regulatory changes to expand pharmacy practice. Dr. Nakhla served as a member of the Ontario College of Pharmacists’ Minor Ailments Advisory Group (MAAG), which developed the draft regulations authorizing pharmacists to prescribe in Ontario.‍