Implement Effective and Efficient Minor Ailment Services with Confidence

MAPflow (Minor Ailment Prescribing workflow) is a web-based, clinical decision support tool designed to facilitate minor ailment assessment and prescribing for the Canadian pharmacy practice environment (currently tailored for ON, BC, NB, NS, PEI). 26 active MAPflow algorithms available, including a Paxlovidprescribing module and an Oseltamivir prescribing module

Apply minor ailment regulations rapidly & accurately

Easily recognize when referrals and other professional services are necessary

Auto-generate prescriptions for in-scope therapeutic options

Make quality, evidence-based clinical decisions

Auto-generate complete documentation that fulfills standards of practice obligations & meets regulatory requirements

Optimize patient outcomes using a systematic process

A series of conditional logic questions and clinical pearls facilitate just-in-time learning while allowing you to effectively navigate the five steps of the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process:


Leverage the flexibility of MAPflow


Free up a terminal - MAPflow works on an iPad or laptop!


Employ a team-based approach to service delivery by delegating components of the process


Enjoy guided navigations through the assessment, prescribing, documentation and follow-up process with a few simple clicks


Use your subscription at a single or multiple stores

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Security and privacy first


PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant.


Our security requirements are powered by MedStack, including:
*Industry standard encryption engine for data, including personal health information, in transit and at rest on Canadian-based servers
*Automated audit and security diligence for 24/7 intrusion and threat detection monitoring


MedStack employs regular penetration testing, privacy impact assessments and threat risk assessments on our infrastructure.

Developed and reviewed by content experts


Ensures province-centric practice within pharmacists’ scope


Age-appropriate first-line, second-line, and adjunctive therapeutic options (prescription, non-prescription, NHPs, non-pharmacological strategies) provided


Health Canada approved dosing of all agents that fall under Schedule 4 of O. Reg 202/94

Differentiate your practice using MAPflow


As a healthcare professional, I've had the opportunity to explore and utilize MAPflow, and I must say it's a game-changer. Its user-friendly interface offers pharmacists a structured and efficient way to assess and manage minor ailments. It provides access to relevant clinical guidelines, drug information and support for informed and safe prescribing. Furthermore, it facilitates the documentation, communication and information sharing with physicians, enabling a streamlined approach to patient care. MAPflow has empowered pharmacists to take a more active role in providing accessible healthcare services (minor ailment assessment and prescribing) and improving patient outcomes. It's an invaluable tool in any pharmacy practice.

Erika Caouette, BScPhm., RPh

Pharmacist/Co-Owner at Mortar + Pestle Compounding Pharmacy

MAPflow has greatly facilitated the implementation of minor ailment services at my pharmacy. The user-friendly interface has made it effortless for my staff to navigate and utilize the software effectively. Their team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire process. I have full trust in the people behind this technology, and I highly recommend their product to any pharmacy looking to streamline their operations and enhance patient care.

Mani Alavi, B.Sc.Phm., R.Ph

Manager/Owner, Clinical Pharmacist Lefroy Pharmacy

MAPflow has been a game-changer for me in assessing and prescribing for minor ailments/Covid-19 since day 1. This clinical decision support tool not only provides a user-friendly platform for quick and efficient assessment of patients, but also provides a comprehensive database of treatment options that enables me to provide a holistic approach to patient care. What further sets MAPflow apart is their commitment to user satisfaction. The team behind MAPflow genuinely values feedback and continuously refines the tool based on user input. This dedication to improvement has not only made my practice more efficient, but also has shown me that they are invested in delivering the best possible experience for healthcare professionals. Kudos to the MAPflow team for their exceptional tool and their unwavering commitment to user satisfaction!

Dr. Kris Erica Mendoza, B.Sc. (Hons.), PharmD

RPh Pharmacy Manager at Norfolk Pharmacy

MAPflow is a game-changer! As a pharmacist, I can't emphasize enough how invaluable this web-based tool is for minor ailment assessment and prescribing. The evidence-based decision-making, educational resources, and user-friendly interface make it an absolute must-have for any pharmacy practice. MAPflow opens up new opportunities to revolutionize patient care by enabling more informed decisions and personalized treatments. MAPflow’s innovative approach is making a significant difference in the way pharmacists provide top-notch care. I highly recommend MAPflow to all my colleagues in the field.

Michael Nashat, Pharmacist

Managing Partner, PrinceRx Pharmacy Group

"Wow! This Minor Ailments software for pharmacists really covers it all. Algorithmic evidence based decision making for both assessing and prescribing, educational tips and counselling tools, a complete documentation solution and a follow-up platform. All in a user-friendly package that will inspire confidence and competence. Well done MAPflow!"

Randy Luckham, PharmD

Mactavish Pharmacy, Dresden, Ontario

"I have never seen a more thoughtful and well-designed digital health solution for evidence-based prescribing. MAPflow synthesizes clinical practice guidelines and relevant literature into a step-by-step assessment and questionnaire, customized to each condition, and ultimately recommends a custom treatment and follow-up plan based on the patient's characteristics while automating documentation and workflow — an incredible innovation not only technologically but also clinically and in terms of quality. It enables pharmacists to prescribe with confidence, effectively and efficiently."

Kelvin Yam, PharmD, MHI

Strategic Lead at Ontario Ministry of Health

"I am a pharmacy owner and will be purchasing for my pharmacist who works 23 hours per week. We need an easy to use product that allows you the confidence to quickly hit the ground running on day one. ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.’ I hope that we make the most of this opportunity for our profession, and I believe MAPflow can help us achieve this goal."

Gail Wilson, RPh

Wellington Pharmacy, Wellington, ON

MAPflow Features

Explore this robust, evidence-informed software to facilitate clinical decision-making necessary for embracing scope expansion in Canada. MAPflow will elevate your clinical skills, improve your confidence, enhance your pharmacy services, propel your business with a new source of pharmacy revenue, and ultimately level up your practice while supporting the provision of safe, quality, ethical, patient-centered care.

Easy application of clinical evidence and guidelines when assessing and prescribing. Integrated with the CPS Full Access for CPS-subscribers

Searchable database of patients and assessment / follow-up appointment history

Quick referral (urgent and non-urgent), flagging of OTC consults and recommendations for adjuvant therapies

Counselling points tailored based on therapeutic regimen selected

Prompted pharmacy-level follow-up process with automatic documentation of clinical     outcomes of care

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