MAPflow launches software update with several new features

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MAPflow launches software update with several new features

April 17, 2024

At MAPflow, our amazing development team is constantly working behind the scenes to improve your experience. As of March 15, we launched another software update that includes a number of new features to make your workflow more seamless than ever.

So, what's in store for you with this epic update? Let's dive in:


🖋️Signature Feature:

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork! With our new signature feature, signing off on prescriptions has never been easier.

The digital signature feature will dramatically reduce the amount of manual signatures needed for paperwork. With the digital signatures, you’ll now be able to add signatures to documents with a single click. Do this from within your user profile and change it whenever you wish.

🔍 Contraception Algorithm:

MAPflow now includes a general contraception prescribing algorithm designed to seamlessly integrate into pharmacists’ scope of practice and deliver individualized care to patients. This is an invaluable feature for pharmacists in jurisdictions like British Columbia, where contraceptive prescribing is part of the scope of practice. Read more about the Contraception Algorithm here.

🚪 Self-Removal Option:

You now have the ability to remove yourself from a pharmacy as your professional career evolves. This will keep your MAPflow account tidy and streamlined, without a long list of legacy pharmacies appearing. Simply navigate to the “pharmacies” section under your profile to make the necessary changes.


🔑 More Prominent PINs:

Say hello to hassle-free PINs! Our update features our automatically-generated PINs in a larger font for users, making their identification on the prescription and other documentation forms a breeze.

PINs can be found at the bottom of your Minor Ailment Assessment report. It will also show up on the prescription and all other documentation forms. The pharmacist billing for the minor ailment service is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and appropriateness of the PIN generated by MAPflow.

When bypassing referral during an assessment and prescribing first, the PIN forRx_issued will be the one that prints.

📝 New Section on the Eligibility Page:

Before beginning an assessment, you will see a series of questions that ensure all eligibility criteria are met. This feature is designed to make sure you are only prescribing for eligible patients — if any criteria are not met, you will not be able to move on to creating the assessment. This ensures that you are always practicing within the scope defined in your jurisdiction.

Note that this new eligibility feature differs from minor ailment service eligibility and appropriateness criteria (see below):

Have questions for the MAPflow team? Email and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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