MAPflow launches MAPflow PRO and STANDARD mode

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MAPflow launches MAPflow PRO and STANDARD mode

February 4, 2024

In response to your feedback and needs, we've introduced two modes in MAPflow: PRO for experienced pharmacists who are confident with minor ailment assessing and need to prioritize efficiency, and STANDARD for a broader audience with varying expertise levels. PRO offers a streamlined approach, while STANDARD provides a detailed and supportive interface. This distinction improves usability and effectiveness for different users. The default assessment mode can be changed in your user profile or changed per assessment.

What do the two modes have in common?

We have launched new features across both MAPflow PRO andSTANDARD modes including:

(1) We have introduced a new feature called “Extra Guidance,” located at the bottom left of the assessment interface. You can toggle this feature off or on depending on your needs. Enabling this feature will include additional explanations and clinical details to inform your decision-making, while disabling it will remove them from the assessment.

You can now toggle “Extra guidance” inside an assessment

(2) We’ve created a new navigation option on the upper right hand side of the screen that allows you to navigate to different sections within an assessment.

Select the blue > to navigate inside each step.

(3) The outcome of MAPflow PRO mode and MAPflow STANDARD mode are identical. The comprehensive documentation, including reports, prescriptions, and referral forms, will automatically generate at the end of your assessment, irrespective of the chosen mode. It is important to note that this documentation fulfills standards of practice obligations and meets regulatory requirements.

How is MAPflow PRO different from STANDARD mode?

There are important differences between MAPflow PRO and STANDARD modes. In MAPflow PRO mode you will notice the following changes:

(1a) All questions related to a specific step in the pharmacists’ patient care process are now consolidated on a single page. This means that you will encounter one comprehensive page containing all the questions corresponding to each step (namely Collect, Assess, Plan, Implement, and Follow-up).

(1b) Within each step, you have the option to “expand all” to view all questions or “collapse all” to minimize the visible content.

You can select Expand All or Collapse All

(2a) By default, a section will be closed unless there is a required question.  

(2b) ) If a referral (whether urgent or non-urgent) is activated at any point, it will be displayed within the section corresponding to the question/response that triggered it.

(3) We have streamlined to essential questions only.

(4) You can now exit the assessment early. If there’s a red flag and you select  <Next>, you will see 2 choices – (1) <Confirm> to refer and exit OR (2) <Cancel> to continue with the assessment. If you choose to continue, you will have to answer all the questions.

How do I get started with MAPflow PRO or STANDARD mode?

To get started with MAPflow PRO or STANDARD mode, you can pick your default mode in your user profile or when you start an individual assessment.

In an assessment, you can toggle to MAPflow PRO or STANDARD mode:

You can set your assessment mode inside your assessment.

Or you can set your assessment mode inside your user profile.

This option will become your default assessment mode for all assessments.

Our goal, as always, is providing the best tools to empower pharmacists in practicing to their full scope. MAPflow PRO mode streamlines the MAPflow experience saving time while maintaining the highest-quality patient outcomes. MAPflow STANDARD provides additional support with the ability to customize the level of detail each pharmacist needs in minor ailment assessing and prescribing.

Note: Currently, only three ailments (uncomplicated UTI, conjunctivitis, cold sores) were optimized for PRO mode. Stay tuned for updates of additional ailments in the next few weeks.

Photo by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash

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