MAPflow and the Canadian Pharmacists Association announce partnership

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MAPflow and the Canadian Pharmacists Association announce partnership

November 25, 2023

October 30, 2023

MAPflow is pleased to announce its partnership with the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and the connection of two powerful resources to better support pharmacists providing minor ailment assessment and prescribing services. 

“MAPflow is proud to partner with the Canadian Pharmacists Association, home of CPS Full Access,  formerly known as e-CPS and RxTx,” says Nardine Nakhla, CEO of MAPflow. “CPS Full Access is the only Canadian online resource that provides peer-reviewed therapeutic content including, but not  exclusive to, minor ailments—a growing area of expanded scope of practice for pharmacists across  Canada.” 

Your pharmacy teams can link their CPS Full Access subscription with their MAPflow decision-making and documentation tool simply by retrieving a security token stored in MAPflow that will automatically log them  in using their organization’s credentials. 

To find out more about this partnership and how you can easily integrate these two solutions, please contact the Canadian Pharmacists Association.  

About MAPflow 

MAPflow (Minor Ailment Prescribing workflow) is a web-based clinical decision support tool that  facilitates minor ailment assessment and prescribing for the pharmacy practice environment. MAPflow’s  mission is to promote the implementation of effective and efficient clinical services by pharmacists to  enhance access to care and optimize patient health outcomes. The vision of MAPflow is to revolutionize  clinical service delivery across Canada by empowering pharmacists to practice to their optimal scope. For  more information, visit

About the Canadian Pharmacists Association 

CPhA brings the world of pharmacy together to improve patient care for all Canadians. Since 1907, we’ve  been the national voice for Canadian pharmacists. Through advocacy and leadership, we’ve charted the  course through every major development in the world of pharmacy. By providing innovative tools and  resources and enabling connection and collaboration, we are empowering pharmacists to drive positive  change in health care. Learn more at

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